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LaVarn Joins The LoveSnobs (Podcast)

LaVarn joins the LoveSnobs for the second time. The LoveSnobs ask her to share how marriage was viewed in the 60’s as opposed to now. Lavarn & The LoveSnobs of course discuss AccountableLove and how lacking it effects relationships During the discussion a big question was posed, Has married destroyed the value of honoring the commitment before marriage?

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LoveSnobs Talk About Kindness vs. Genuineness (Podcast)

The LoveSnobs address how people use kindness as a tool for “control” and how kindness should be an intention not an attribute. They give example, tell stories, and debate little regarding the importance of being a genuine person not a kind person. Join the Discussion by commenting or hit like if you enjoyed the discussion….

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Building Stronger Teams (Podcast)

The LoveSnobs talk about what it takes to build stronger teams. We look around us and see ourselves in others eyes but we need to start seeing the person. How do they fit into building a team? When we think of Love, we forget Love is a group Journey and we need a strong group to maintain it’s faith ….

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Humility is a Tool not a Virtue (Podcast)

The LoveSnobs address Humility as a tool not a virtue. They explain where and How to use Humility to strengthen our relationships. They also talk about how humility can be used as a weapon to weaken our relationships as well. Tune in and Continue to join the discussion. Just like “Love is a Group Journey”, education should always be shared.

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Finding Common Ground

The LoveSnobs are joined by Jasmine, Mahagony, Chris, Xavier, Laura, and Precious to take about how we can communicate more effectively with our friends and partners. We talk about prejudgments we may have before entering a relationship. We also talk about what we can work on to strengthen our relationships. Join the discussion and be a part of Finding Common Ground.

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X with The LoveSnobs (Podcast)

Xavier joins the LoveSnobs of AccountableLove Podcast as they talk about topics ranging from Love being taught wrong from generation to generation to the male’s role in raising children to how women and men can communicate better. Xavier came to join the discussion and he wasn’t afraid to open up…..

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