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Can You Define Love?

Can You Define Love?

Can You Define Love?

We Love stories of people overcoming the odds. We get all of our worth from helping people to become better people. What if we fall in Love with stories of people maintaining what pure Love means? What if we received worth from supporting people that are courageous enough to raise human standards?

Let’s define “Love”. Really define Love so it can be taught. Think about sitting down with a friend who is being abused by their partner. How do you convince them to walk away? When their idea of Love means staying. Think of sitting with a friend that is abusing their partner. How do you encourage them to stop? When “Love” means controlling their partner. We Love to use the phrase “Love is different to different people. Did we ever think that Love has never truly been taught to so many people?

We watch people stay in one bad relationship after the next until the dysfunction has become our definition of Love. We have started to seek drama, just to say we have overcome odds or have gone from helpless to hopeful. We are now a success story because we dreamt small and broke even. We believe this is living.

What if we told you life is about surrounding yourself around people who want to maintain Love’s value. People that don’t just want to be Loved or give Love but believe the way they live daily should represent Love. What if we told you Love can only be realized by living every day making it a reality. This will take being a LoveSnob. It will take believing Love can not only be lived but taught.

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