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Starting Equal Relationships

Starting Equal Relationships

The AccountableLove Podcast is promoting Equal relationships. The LoveSnobs believe if people enter equal relationships that will not only be empowered by the connections they have to those relationships. They will be inspired by them.

We have too many inequalities in the world to enter into relationships that don’t strengthen us. We walk out of our homes to millions of difference. We must find that balance in the commonalities of the like minds and same hearts we call our friends and partners.

We must stop keeping secrets which pull us further apart. We need to communicate freely and openly. A lot of bad decisions are made when we keep our Love ones in the dark. When we say “We NEED to communicate” it is a necessity. Look around, it is destroying our hearts. Deception has hardened our hearts and tarnished our souls. Who do we trust? Are equals.

After, we have established an ability to communicate freely and openly. When We have acquired a level of straightforwardness which builds an unbreakable bond we can start working through all the differences threatening the survival of relationships. Working through one problem after the next, searching for solutions.

Equality is measured by our abilities to look someone in the eyes, unafraid of judgment. We will only see our Love ones as equals when we stop hiding parts of ourselves we deem unlovable. Equality means always providing choice….

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