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We refuse to Deal

We refuse to Deal

We refuse to Deal

Jerri Briggs narrates this piece about employing AccountableLove by relying on our friends to get through tough moments in life. She discusses how people close up when hurt instead of reaching out. Pushing people away should never be the option when we have an opportunity to pull people closer.

We Refuse to Deal…

We stare into space with all kinds of problems orbiting our brains.
Do we have people to communicate those problems to?
Sure we do, but we want to solve them ourselves.
We don’t want anyone holding us accountable if we decide not to follow through.
So, we keep the problems to ourselves.
We lose time dazing off, instead of communicating with someone to formulate a solution.
I know!
We don’t want someone throwing it in our face, yet, it’s another excuse to close up!
We spend more time in our heads and less time headed forward.
Let’s open up to the people we Love because THERE.
Actually be a reason they are in our lives!!!!

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