Aziz & Jerri went from 15 year old acquaintances, to high school sweet hearts, to college friends, to less than strangers, to co-parents, to building a great friendship, to starting Love Is A Group Journey. This shows that life is all about meeting at the soul and using our connections to inspire the entire world. They are proof that people that were once romantic partners can maintain a great friendship. Now, Aziz & Jerri are using their practice of AccountableLove to partner with people to build equal and healthy supportive relationships. Reminding everyone that Love Is A Group Journey. .

Born in Mount Sinai Hospital in Spanish Harlem, Jerri was always a fighter for equal and just treatment. She would fight with her parents when the punishments didn’t fit the crime, call out teachers when her peers were treated unfairly, and challenge her friends to always be honest and open. Like any other fighter of equality, the world repeatedly told her, she needed to swallow her tongue and go with the flow. For years, she did just that. But, the accountability continued to be ignored and Love began to lose its meaning. In her emptiness, she opened her mouth, freed her tongue, and start the search for like minds and same hearts. She found a home in Love Is A Group Journey and decided it was best to house the world by building equal & healthy relationships with relationship sessions, podcast, and a blog. She is a LoveSnob. She believes Love is the highest honor. 

Six months later, Aziz was born in Mount Sinai Hospital in Spanish Harlem. Birthed with crooked legs and a straightforward soul. Aziz was a quiet observer of the world, viewing it with optimistic eyes. Where most saw heartache, he saw a collection of hearts that can heal one another.  Remaining silent, he violently fought bullies, avoided crushes, and dreamt with a pen and pad. Aziz went from Love letters to heartbreak to heartbreaker to “Love Being His Only Addiction”. He stopped watching and started challenging Love as a standard. Love Is A Group Journey was how he walked. Partnering with Builders in sessions, podcasting, and blogging is how he chooses to enhance quality of life. AccountableLove was the subject being taught in a quest for equal and healthy relationships. He is a LoveSnob. He believes Love is the highest honor.