We hold our breaths hoping to never offend. Only to realize that the perfect people will never be offended by our honesty. We look around us and justify living in our heads because we believe the world will crush our hearts. And, yes, some of the fears are actual. But, would you gamble your probability at a great partnership and friendships, by guard your strongest organ? As LoveSnobs, we say no. We would just use our brains to speak for our hearts, our purpose to shine over our fears, and step up daily by living life with those who are willing to climb too. We will not allow our insecurities of possible loneliness to prevent us from searching for people that value equal relationships. If you are a LoveSnobs, you believe you deserve Love as a faith. Words that match actions giving hope for a sustainable future. We know that no one can promise tomorrows breathes, but we should all live today certain we are taking breathes with people that pump life into us.

Born in Mount Sini hospital in Spanish Harlem, Jerri was always a fighter for equal and just treatment. She would fight with her parents when the punishments didn’t fit the crime, call out teachers when her peers were treated unfairly, and challenge her friends to always be honest and open. Like any other fighter of equality, the world repeated told her, she needed to swallow her tongue and go with the flow. For years, she did just that. But the accountability continued to be ignored, Love began to lose its meaning. In her emptiness, she opened her mouth, freed her tongue, and start the search for like minds and same hearts. She found a home in AccountableLove and decided it was best to house the world with a podcast. She is a LoveSnob. She believes Love is the highest honor. 

Six months later, Aziz was born in mount Sini hospital in Spanish Harlem. Birth with crooked legs and a straightforward soul. Aziz was a quiet observer of the world, viewing it with optimistic eyes. Where most saw heartache, he saw a collection of heart that can heal one another.  Remaining silent he violently fought bullies, avoid crushes, and dreamt with a pen and pad. Aziz went from love letters to heartbreak to heartbreaker to “Love being his only addiction”. He stopped watching and started challenging Love as a standard. AccountableLove was how he walked, starting a podcast was his platform to get people to talk about Love, and equal relationship was subject that would be taught. He is a LoveSnob. He believes Love is the highest honor.