Erica Joins The LoveSnobs

Erica and Jerri started out as co-workers and built a bond through working closely together. They don’t presently work together but they continue to keep in because their bond was greater than the distance between them. So, when Erica agreed to join the AccountableLove discussion, The LoveSnobs welcomed her with open arms. While on the show Erica discussed what AccountableLove means to her, coming from Alaska to New York City and building unexpected friendships, and the two-year break from her best friend and reuniting to build something stronger.
Come Join the Discussion with Erica and The LoveSnobs

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20 Questions for 2020

In this week’s discussion “20 Questions for 2020.” The LoveSnobs answer 20 questions ranging from where they grow up to the hardest thing they had to deal with in life. Aziz & Jerri take one more step closer to their audience by letting them in, a little more. They hope the listeners and views not only listen to them answer each question but start asking themselves some hard questions as well. Self awareness is all about having answers to why the soul continues to live through us. Enjoy.

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Don’t Bite Your Tongue To Spare An Ego

Most of us are raised to cater to the emotions of others, losing our voices in the process. The LoveSnobs believe healthy and equal relationships start with the ability to have honest dialog . In the discussion, “Don’t Bite Your Tongue To Share An Ego”. They discuss the importance of having the flexibility to speak our minds in all your relationships. Why Maintain any relationship that can’t withstand honesty?

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People Hate The Cure But Love The Drama

Are you tired of the drama? Most people will say, ‘yes”. Yet, they stay in drama filled relationships. When someone attempts to give them the Cure (in the form of guidance) they push Love away and pull hate closer. The LoveSnobs discuss how drama is becoming what people identify as Love and Love is hating.

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Are You The Adult In The Room?

Most people believe they are adults because they have reached a certain age, but what if we started defining an adult as being ready to take responsibility for the well being of others. What if to become an adult you had to honor words like Accountability, Responsibility, Reciprocity, and Role Model. Would most adults still be classified as “ADULTS”? Well, See what The LoveSnobs have to say about Being The Adult In The Room.

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The Recap Show

What a second Season! The LoveSnobs introduced themselves to the world by setting it off with the “Story Of Us”. They had a variety of guest, whom discussed, “What AccountableLove means to you?” as well as other topics. It was a very informative and insightful season. In the Recap the LoveSnobs discuss their experiences on the second season from their favorite to their most important, to their hardest show they did. They also discuss their experiences with several guest they invited on the podcast. The second half of the recap show, they invited Jasmine & Troy back to discuss their experience on the show and how it impacted them. So join the LoveSnobs as they usher in season 3 “The Adults In The Room”. Hope You Enjoy it.

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The Birth of AccountableLove

A purpose is born in us. Most people spend their entire lives searching for their purpose. The LoveSnobs discuss “How AccountableLove was born in them”. From a young age Aziz & Jerri have been encouraging family & friends to be Accountable in Love, now they want to share their purpose with the world. Join the LoveSnobs as they discuss The Birth of AccountableLove.

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Let’s Talk About Internet Dating

Chris & Kyrsten explain why they decided to start Internet Dating. They discuss their relationship after meeting online and trying it to the next level. Aziz debates with Chris & Jerri about the character & vulnerability, it takes to approach someone in person vs. clicking on a profile on the internet.

Tune In

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Allwynter with The LoveSnobs

Of course, The LoveSnobs and All Wynter will talk about being Accountable In Love but they also discussed introducing their child to someone new, co-parenting, and prioritizing their close relationships.

Join The Discussion

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Are You Ready For A Commitment?

One of our “Builders” from our online relationship sessions “Love Is A Group Journey”, reached out to us (The LoveSnobs) and asked us to comprise a list of questions. This list can assist people looking for a healthy committed relationships. She stated, she looked up several lists but couldn’t find a more direct and out of the box list. She added, we are out the box thinkers and should have a list. So we created a list and posted it on the blog portion of We also decided to have a podcast where we are answering those questions.

Tune In and see if this list will benefit you or someone you may know.

P.S. You can also use the “Are You Ready For A Commitment” list if you are already in a committed romantic relationship as well.

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Insecurities The Silent Relationship Killer

The LoveSnobs discuss some of their insecurities growing up and how they turned them from insecurities to conscience weaknesses. When we acknowledge we are weak in an area, our confidence starts to improve. Confidence in our abilities is a big part of our relationship identity, so is understanding where we lack in ability. Let’s talk about Insecurities because if we don’t they will kill the great relationships we have around us.

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What Do Your Bring To The Table? (Part Two)

The Discussion Continues. If you didn’t see part one watch part one then return….

Thank you again Jasmine, Mahagony, Chris, Xavier, All Wynter, and David. We appreciate the discussion.

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