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  • First off, David’s emotional intelligence is Godly. I agree with his entire perspective. I cannot believe the host of this show, on LOVE, says relationships and commitment “is a box” – shame. And the way the show was ended, with no resolve or closing remarks… SMH. Next time, please get a panel with a wider range of beliefs instead of ganging up on the one person in that room who doesn’t believe in the White Jesus.

    • Thank you for Joining the discussion. Can your elaborate on your comments regarding David’s Emotional Intelligence being godly and which host can’t you believe because there are “two host” and why?

    • Oh, We didn’t see your entire comment. Sorry.
      Personal relationships are choosing several out of many and a commitment is a promise to bring the best out of the people you are in a relationship with. This a box because it isn’t open to everyone. It’s narrowed to a selected few. We aren’t in friendships or partnerships with everyone. How do you pick your friends and partner? Does everyone hold those titles in your life? In regards to the ending, there is a second part it is coming this week Thursday. So tune in. We didn’t agree with the movie comment and one person had the lone opinion regarding that as well. The Male host didn’t agree with “the fuck emotion” comment and the was addressed. Mahagony stated and explained why she believes in organic connects which David shared that belief and the hosts didn’t. Why when a group shares a view but one doesn’t, it is ganging up verses having a discussion? David was not a victim nor did he present himself to be one. He actually stated he likes chaos so he planned to be the opposition regardless. This show is about finding common ground not just debating different views for entertainment. It’s a podcast about AcountableLove so the hosts are informing, educating and when challenged will have the discussion. Oh and nobody on the set were Christians, it was less about religious beliefs and more about honoring a commitment by honoring your word.