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Friendship/Couples Investment Sessions


Two or more friends invest in sessions with The LoveSnobs (Aziz & Jerri) to strengthen their relationships. These sessions encourage a friend to search for what made them friends in the first place. The LoveSnobs will work with the group to breakdown all the walls and build up accountable foundations.



We Encourage two or more friends to invest in these sessions with The LoveSnobs (Aziz & Jerri) to strengthen their relationship. These sessions are for friends to search to find what made them friends in the first place, work together to build back any piece of the foundation that was lost, and have honest discussion about why the friendship is important to their quality of life. The LoveSnobs will work with the group to breakdown all the walls and build up an accountable foundations.


We believe Building Equal & Healthy Relationships, ultimately make our lives more meaningful and The LoveSnobs (Relationship Builders) provide sessions which assist Builders (clients) with creating a foundation that can weather the rough conditions of our relationships.

We recommend our Builders come to every session ready to work toward solutions not looking to justify shortcoming by making excuses.

The process:

Our future Builders will contact The LoveSnobs through our email address ( and answer these five items below:
1) A brief description of why you require our services?
2) How do you feel about the problems you want to solve?
3) Send us 10 positive things you like about yourself:
4) Send us 10 positive things you Love about your life:
5) Who is there to support you through the good and bad?

After the Builder’s email is received, The LoveSnobs will read the email and see if they can provide services to the Builder.

If The LoveSnobs can in good faith provide service, they will schedule the session based on The Builders and their availability.

Once the session is scheduled, the Builder will receive an invite to the session with a date and time. All session are done remotely via Zoom. We asked The Builder to be at least five minutes early to every session.

Every session must be paid for before services are rendered. Every session will be recorded and safely stored on a secured Hard drive for professional use only.

We are Relationship Builders and our sole purpose is to partner with Builders to construct Equal and Healthy relationships surrounding them.

We are not licensed therapists or psychologist so for any mental health services, please consult licensed Trained professional.

Thanks for your interest we hope to partner with you soon.

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