One on One Session:

We are not person centered; we are forming a partnership to assist “Builders” with their relationships. Each person should come into each session understanding that we (The LoveSnobs) are the Architects which mean we are providing the plans but they are the Builders of their relationships. Every person is responsible for putting these plans in motion. It is a partnership, like every relationship we enter.

Each session will be 35 dollars. Every session will be an hour in length (weekly or twice week based on the level of need). Every Builder must come ready to destroy their bad habits and replace them with great habits that they can maintain. Come ready to ask questions and answer hard questions. Remember, no one reaches out for assistance believing they have the answers. We all ask for assistance because we believe the person or people have the answers we seek.

Come ready to think, share, and apply….

Group Session:

There will be ten people per group. The LoveSnobs will continue to serve as the Architects but the difference between the one on one and the group session is that each builder will help their fellow group member build each other by discussing various topics (provided by The LoveSnobs). The LoveSnobs believe, it is easy for us to trick ourselves into believing we’re alone in our problems but we aren’t alone and the other builders will be proof of that. Each builder must understand what it’s like to be a part of a group before they can start functioning as a group. We want to bring people together and exercise what togetherness means to solving relationship problems. When we have the right environment as well as the right people in that environment progress is seamless.

The Groups will be 180 dollar for six weeks sessions. When signing up, you are expected to complete the entire six weeks because it is essential to progress & a team is relying on you. The first lesson of the group is responsibility, show up regardless of the obstacles.

These online sessions will be conducted on Zoom. Every session conducted will be recorded. We assure you that your privacy is of the utmost importance. Each session will be HIPAA compliant (information is never shared with a third party or stored on cloud). Each session will be saved on a secured hard drive and Aziz & Jerri will be the only people to have access. We will not share these records with our Builders because we want them to look forward not fixate on how they looked or what they talked about in the session. This isn’t Therapy or counseling (though it can be therapeutic), it is relationship building. The purpose is understanding where you fit in your relationships if you even fit at all.

There will be forms for you for fill out before we begin any sessions to protect your rights and the rights of Love is a Group Journey. Once the paperwork is filled out we will Begin our path to building equal and Just relationship.

When everyone’s personal Relationships are positive the world will be more positive. Relationships are the key to a better living experience.

We are not licensed Therapists.If you need help with a health mental issue please consult with a licensed professional.

Thank You,
The Lovesnobs

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